Equiline America - 520.59% Y-o-Y Increase in eCommerce Sales via Paid Media

Performance Overview - Revenue

2022 vs 2021
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Increased eCommerce revenue by 911.2% and transactions by 520.59% from paid media campaigns in the year 2022 compared to 2021.

About Equiline America

Equiline America was founded in the province of Padua in 1989 by two brothers, Paolo and Renato Marchetto. 

Ever since they were young, they nurtured a great love for horses, a love which grew daily and which led them to take part in their first riding competitions.

Problem Statement

Equiline America, a company that specializes in equestrian apparel and equipment, did not invest in paid media strategies such as advertising or sponsored content in order to expand their brand online. 

Instead, they relied on other methods, such as organic growth through word-of-mouth and social media, to increase their visibility and reach. 

This lack of a paid media strategy may have limited their ability to quickly and efficiently grow their online presence and acquire new customers.

Challenge 1

One of the main challenges is to keep track of users and sales that come from paid media sources. We need to create a dashboard to present the data and insights so that we can make data-driven business decisions to grow the brand.

Challenge 2

To ensure proper setup & utilization of Google Merchant Center and its feed. We wanted to drive traffic to the website through search results & mobile devices by adhering to Google’s policies.

Challenge 3

To strategize and implement the paid media campaigns by understanding brand’s demographics and psychographics.

Orange Carrot's Solutions

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Google Merchant Center Setup & Optimization

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Google Ads Implementation & Optimization

How We Achieved Success

By implementing search & shopping campaigns on Google; and by continuously optimizing the shopping feed to generate a positive return on investment. We set up an interactive dashboard, giving them a clear, real-time view of all the information they need to make informed decisions.

google Search Campaigns Performance - January to December 2022

The store had a whopping 911.18% increase in the eCommerce revenue only from the paid media campaigns we implemented. The company’s sales (transactions) increased by 520.59% in the year 2022, compared to that of 2021. 

EQUILINE America Paid Search Results

We created successful Google search and shopping campaigns. It was important to optimize the shopping feed in shopping campaigns in order to maximize the return on investment. 

The search campaign strategy was developed by carefully selecting keywords and crafting ad copies that were relevant to the target audience. 

Additionally, regularly monitoring the performance of the campaign and making adjustments as needed, helped improve its effectiveness. By implementing these strategies, the account generated a positive return on investment from Google search and shopping campaigns.

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